Valdar Lab Opportunities


Joining the lab

This a quantitative genetics lab focused on developing theory, statistical methods, and the analysis of complex biological data. Although we collaborate with experimental groups and create tools to help design experiments, most of our day-to-day work is based at the computer/whiteboard.

As a PhD/graduate student

Preferred route: The primary route is to apply through the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBSP) program, which includes both the Genetics and the Bioinformatics (BCB) subprograms. If you are already accepted into the BBSP program and are interested in doing a rotation, please send me an email.

Alternative routes: I am also able to supervise students from the the graduate program in Biostatistics, and co-supervise students from graduate programs in other departments (eg, Computer Science, Statistics, etc) provided a suitable departmental co-supervisor can be found. If you are a graduate program other than the BBSP and are interested in joining the lab as graduate student, send me an email.

As a postdoc, research assistant or programmer/statistician

For other positions send me an email.