Project Resources

This page intends to provide additional details for selected projects by and connected to the Valdar Lab. The page is very much under construction, and there is more to come soon!

WTCHG HS study (2001-2009)

A study to understand the genetic basis of more than 100 phenotypes, including behavioral, physiological and metabolic, plus gene expression, collected on a population of 2000 laboratory outbred mice. The mice used were a colony from the Northport Heterogeneous Stocks (HS), an outbred colony derived from eight inbred laboratory mouse strains. The study was lead by Jonathan Flint and Richard Mott at the Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics (WTCHG) in Oxford; the primary analytic postdoc on the study was William Valdar. This lead to the first genomewide association study in a mammalian model organism, published in Nature Genetics in 2006, as well as a number of other landmark papers.