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April 2020: Will Valdar gives talk on gene-by-treatment interactions in the Collaborative Cross at The Allied Genetics Conference 2020 (TAGC20). [practice video].

July 2019: Will Valdar named Director of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Curriculum [unc-news].

May 2018: Robert Corty successfully defends PhD entitled “Variance heterogeneity in genetic mapping”.

Apr 2018: Dan Oreper successfully defends PhD entitled “Computational methods for studying parent-of-origin effects via reciprocal mouse crosses”.

Apr 2018: Greg Keele successfully defends PhD entitled “Experimental design and analysis with multiparental populations”.

Mar 2018: Will Valdar receives Outstanding Investigator Award MIRA grant [unc-news]

Jan 2018: Paul Maurizio successfully defends PhD entitled “Modeling the host genetic determinants of Influenza pathogenesis in mice”.

June 2017: Paul Maurizio wins best student speaker award at Complex Trait Community meeting, Memphis TN. [meeting] [picture].

June 2017: Probilistically-informed database of CC haplotypes and variants, ISVdb, now online [database] [paper in G3].

Jan 2017: Drug-by-genetics interaction paper using the CC is published [Editor’s highlighted paper in Toxicological Sciences]

Jul 2016: Yuying’s paper published in Biometrika [paper]

Jul/Nov 2016: Will’s talk at The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) is online [video]

Aug 2016: Greg Keele wins best BCB student presentation award at The UNC 2016 Genetics/BCB Retreat [picture]

May 2016: Robert Corty awarded F30 NIMH Predoctoral Fellowship [BCB link]

Mar 2016: Dan Oreper awarded PhRMA Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. [BCB link] [PhRMA link]

Oct 2015: Dan Oreper and Sarah Schoenrock jointly win best BCB student presentation award at The UNC 2015 Genetics/BCB Retreat [picture]

Mar 2014: Press coverage on recent paper (Crowley, Kim, Lenarcic et al, 2014) on the genetics of drug side-effects: UNC-Endeavors, HealthCanal,
MedicalXpress, Newswise

Jun 2013: Valdar Lab co-recipient of R01 grant to study the effect of maternal diet on psychiatric disease [click for details]

Oct 2012: Valdar Lab receives R01 grant to develop statistical genetics methods for new mouse models [click for details]