Public versions of talks and lectures.

  • Sept 2021: Bayesian modeling of skewed X inactivation in genetically diverse mice identifies a novel Xce allele associated with copy number changes [17 min] Talk given at the CTC-RG 18th Annual Meeting: Models for Precision Medicine. [YouTube]
  • Oct 2020: Modeling Gene by Treatment Interactions in the Collaborative Cross (and other genetically diverse, replicable populations. [53 min + Q&A] Talk given to University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center (UTHSC) Genetics, Genomics and Informatics seminar series. [YouTube]
  • April 2020: Modeling Gene by Treatment Interactions in the Collaborative Cross. [14 min] Practice version of a talk I gave online for the Mammalian Genetics section of The Allied Genetics Conference 2020 (TAGC 2020) , April 24, 2020. [YouTube]
  • July 2016: Rediscovering the Diallel: How inbred and F1 data can be used to define, model and estimate heritability of both ordinary and treatment-response traits. [17 min] A talk given at the ‘PEQG Keynote 2’ session of the Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Meeting at The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC 2016), July 13-17, 2016, Orlando, Florida. [YouTube]
  • Jan 2015: The Effect of Genetic Background on Behavioral Variability: Implications for Replicability? [37 min] Tel Aviv University Conference, Replicability and Reproducibility of Discoveries in Animal Phenotyping. (Introduced by Yoav Benjamini; talk was given with substantial jetlag) [YouTube]